Penn & Teller Fool Everyone Magic Kit

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The greatest magicians in the world come to Penn & Teller and attempt to fool the Grand Masters of Magic. Get ready... because now, Penn & Teller are teaching you the tricks that will FOOL EVERYONE!

This is the kit to get you started in magic by learning to fool your family, friends, and even total strangers with over 200 effects that you can learn and perform!
Penn and Teller's FOOL EVERYONE Magic Kit contains props, books, and video instructions!

You'll get:

    • Tellerkinetic Wand
    • Penn-A-Tration Frame
    • Zig Zag Card
    • Genie Bottle
    • Penn's Paranormal Pets
    • Automatic Teller Machine
    • Cups & Balls (Penn and Teller's Most Famous Trick)
    • Phantom Ball and Vase


    Whether you're looking to impress with card magic, amaze others with tricks and illusions or even read someone's mind, with over 200 easy to master magic tricks in this set, there's something here to FOOL EVERYONE!

    • Penn & Teller personally picked out the tricks in this kit. They wanted to include magic that they grew up with, and that's exactly what you'll get.
    • Also, P&T are the instructors on the included DVD (and Digital Copy), they teach the tricks to you in their own words and you learn the tricks and routines from the masters themselves.